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Jana Nielsen/JanOvation

I am an award-winning illustrator and artist, bringing Inspiration, talent, and skill together to create work that inspires, creates happy feeling, and stands alone in its style and excellence.  I want to Make your Heart Smile!

When creating work for others, I involve my clients closely in the design process. I have a gentle patient working manner and take feedback well.  I am passionate about my work and I don't let anything less than excellence pass as complete!  I catch your vision so you can Shine!

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For more information on my Art-WorkIllustration WorkCustom Greeting Cards  or Quotes, or to get in touch regarding Work Opportunities click on my "Contact" page or email me at  You may also contact me just to say hi. I will get back to you within a few days.

My Creative Process

When I create whimsical, magical drawings, and wall art, I imagine happy uplifting feelings and put those into my work.  With the Star Boat that I created for a children's waiting room, I created a feeling that nothing is impossible and that all our stars and dreams supposed to be achieved!  With my Inspiring Quotes, I  brush in the feelings that each saying portrays.

My Illustration Work Process

I use both hand-drawn and computer applications to create my work.  When designing or illustrating, My process is to do the sketch, then have it approved by the author or client, then do the color and have that approved.  I keep my clients in the loop and am open to ideas, suggestions, and changes.  My mission is to create magical whimsical artwork that brings my clients' visions to life!"


I attended Bellevue College and The Art Institute earning a degree in computer graphics.  I have 15 years of experience working in the field of  illustration, and art. My magical art has been praised for its use of vivid color.  As an Illustrator I have been sought out for my high quality,  client-oriented and gentle manner of working with people, and my attention to detail and excellence.

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